Sunday, 12 May 2013

How me, you and everybody has changed minus bullshit!

One of those Saturday night when i don't feel like sleeping and when i sleep i don't feel like waking up.. Saturday night is my night, a night in which i feel like a king (sorry grammar nazis, i know i suck at grammar). So where was I? Ah! Usually i watch movies or any any of my favourite TV series which i had missed because of my pathetic hectic life. But tonight was different. Tonight i decided to watch a movie for which i would never ruin my Saturday night, which i hold so tightly. I watched Any Body Can Dance aka ABCD. First thing that ringed bell was the title itself. I mean it was Any Body Can Dance and after watching the movie i can totally say that i certainly can't dance. Moving on to the movie. The acting was pathetic, i mean for once i felt sorry for the people who went to watch it at the theaters and felt hopeless for the whole human race when i recalled one of my friend praising the movie, for its acting for gods sake! The only thing watchable in the movie was the dance. I never thought that in a Bollywood movie such dance steps can be pulled off. Indian dancers can dance. And what should i say about Prabhu Deva! He is an awesome dancer and equally a bad actor (note: pathetic word not used coz he was reasonably good). The scenes, the emotions in it, and the acting to create those emotions were lacking, so in my opinion even a dance based movie needs reasonably solid acting.

But i'm not here to give movie reviews. The title of the post says it all. I'm here to throw a rather serious questions to you people. Well at least i think it is a serious question to me so please go with it. What if this movie was released when there was less bombardment of Hollywood movies and Tv Series? What if this movie was released before we knew anything about the Step Ups and the Harry Potters and the Avatars and The Game of Thrones and the Dexters and blah blah blah and the blahs. Would this movie still suck? Would this be just another cheap attempt to be a ME TOO ME TOO in front of the mighty Step Up? Hollywood movies means business like "lets kick some ass of other movie industries". I mean they are huge, they invest a lot of money to make it look good, feel good and make you feel your money hasn't gone wasted. That satisfaction, that sense of great value for your money has somehow made us insensitive towards our own movies. Movies which we make. I'm not saying ABCD was a ground breaking movie but if we remove this Hollywood angle from our perspective wouldn't we give this movie a 6 out of 10 instead of 4 out of 10? I'll give it a 4 and it all comes back to square one. And this Hollywood angle has made us so arrogant towards our own movies, our own culture that whenever we see a reasonably good movie we immediately jump into conclusion "Step Up was way way way better than this one". This arrogance, this Hollywood angle is stopping us to appreciate a reasonably good movie. I remember watching Mela starring none other than Amir Khan, it was released on 2000 AD (oh yeah! Freakin AD) and back then i really enjoyed the movie and laughed whenever Amir Khan did something utterly silly and got scared whenever the dreaded Gujjar came into the scene but now if you had to torture me and make me beg for my own death you only have to tie me to a chair and cut off cut eyelids and make me watch the movie in a repeat mode. This is a pretty big change in my perspective and perhaps it has happened to you too also. And all this lecture of mine is to make myself understand that why i kept on skipping through the scenes during the entire movie, why i couldn't tolerate the non sense acting that i managed to enjoy in Mela? I mean Mela was disgusting movie but still i enjoyed it. The answer was simple right in front of me, the movie queued right after ABCD, it was Life of Pi. The Hollywood movie. And sadly i'm never again gonna enjoy a reasonably good movie. Im not saying that movies like Himmatwala should be appreciated, the director of the movie should be pelted with rotten eggs and after that should be fed to the sharks and make no mistakes movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Barfi, Kahani are excellent movies and are right up there but (emphasising) REASONABLY GOOD MOVIES are never gonna be enjoyed again. Perhaps this change is irreversible but somewhere around the corner i really wanna appreciate this movie and i hate myself for not being able to do that.

PS: i should have watched the last episode of the Game of thrones season 1. At least my Saturday night wouldn't have been ruined.

Signing off.. Adios!!


  1. True, cause of so many constant and consistent Hollywood Hits, we fail to appreciate the ones they make in Bollywood .. Well we just need to hope for good coming movies like Bombay Talkies, Barfi, Kahani & stuff and not expect crappy movies like Himmatwala and stuff. Good review btw! :)

  2. I never intended to write a review. Just wanted to throw a question.