Thursday, 6 November 2014


Today after a long long time I am back. I am back for a very specific reason and as always I am gonna apologize for not writing that too often. I have been very freakin busy and life as I thought when I was teenager did not turn out to be. Ok where was I? Yeah, usually I write for all the people who read my blog and let's be realistic, nobody reads my blog; my blog is like an eraser- you use it once or twice and then you forget where you kept it and buy a new one. Speaking of erasers, I could really use an eraser right now to erase something which has happened recently. 

I am writing this for one particular person, the person with whom I have absolutely no contact, I only have a name, Katie. You see, something happened; I am not good with words usually but that particular person bought the best out of me. I actually managed to have a decent conversation with an another human being after what happened to me the previous year. There I was, my head buried deep into the sand, refusing to see the world, rejecting the anomalies and then Katie happened. I talked to her, made a deep connection with her. Believed that I can rise up again, don't get wrong though, after that tragedy that had happened the last year, I was getting laid consistently but Katie made me believe that I can start again, that getting laid is not the solution to my problem, that I can believe again, that I can HOPE again. I was giving her a big eloquent speech about hope but in reality I was giving that speech to myself. She wanted to sever all the ties with me but that HOPE speech made her think otherwise. It was an online dating site we were talking on. 

Dear Katie,

                   This one's for you. When I got your last e-mail, I was very happy. I had already started to hope, you gave it to me. But then I read the latter part of the letter, it shocked me. I was angry knowing that you talked to me for some social experiment, I felt like a lab rat. I was so sure that we had some sort of connection. But you know what calmed me down? Although I was an experimental subject, I too meant something to you, you too felt some sort of connection. We may never talk to each other, we may never meet but this conversation will always remain with me. I will take this conversation with me throughout my entire life as a beacon of HOPE. Maybe I needed something like this, maybe things with you were meant to be like this, maybe the countless stars in the universe working like a cogwheel sent you so that I can HOPE again. I am not angry, I am just sad and happy at the same time. And you know me as a comedian so here's something for you if you are reading this.
Frog 1: trrrrrrrrr
Frog 2: trrrrrrr
Frog 1: trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Frog 2: prrrrrrrr
Frog 1: dude, don't change the topic.