Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hey there,

I am someone who has a lid on him. A lid that no one could open. Fuck, I have so much going inside my mind I don't even know why I opened this tab and started to write in the first place. Maybe I am bummed, maybe I am holding something inside me that wants to explode, that wants to break free, I don't want it to break free I don't want it to explode. If it breaks free it might take a lot of people with it and I would keep it inside me and let it implode me rather than hurt someone else. I thought no one could bring me to this point, no one can make my knee jerk, no one could make my throat feel like there is a dagger inside it. my throat hurts, it wants to say words, words that might not matter. Sometimes stars, planets, galaxies align, all the protons, electrons, behave as it should to make everything fall into the right place, well, it is total bullshit. That never happens, that is life for you. You are always at the wrong place at the wrong time. I thought I could never love again.

PS: this was not meant for the readers of my blog although i know i have none. This is because I had to say these stuff, I had to take it out of my system and I had nobody to say this to. So.....

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